How to Choose the Perfect Condo in Sarasota, Florida

Dated: July 6 2021

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Many people in Sarasota, Florida opt for condo living as opposed to single-family spaces. There are many reasons for this, from convenience and lifestyle, to permanent residence and affordability. 

Singles, couples, retirees, seniors, and many others can find condos in Sarasota, Florida, based on their needs and budgets. For some buyers in Sarasota, condos are places to live for a few years, but for others, these are sweet homes for a lifetime. 

Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect condo in Sarasota, Florida. 

Location of the Unit

Before you buy a condo, make sure you get all the details on the location of the unit. Is the condo near the laundry rooms, trash chute, or elevator? If yes, do you feel comfortable with extra traffic and noise? 

Do you want to walk two minutes once you have gotten off the elevator in a large building? Is the unit at the end of the hall? Likewise, is the building a walk-up? How many stairs or flights can you climb? Answer all these questions before starting your condo home search! 

Taking Out the Trash

Many buyers overlook this essential factor, leading to complications after they move into the condo. When you live in a condominium, make sure you are well-aware of taking out your trash and whether the process is easy. 

Is the trash chute on the same floor, or do you have to carry your trash down to the basement? Although it seems like a small detail, it significantly impacts your life while you live in a condo. Make sure you get all these details in advance. 

The Washer and Dryer

The condo you choose must have a washer and dryer. So, find out whether the washer and dryer are in the unit, or you will go to a common area to perform your laundry. Besides, if there is no laundry in the condo, ask the building administration whether they allow its installation. 

If you have a laundry room, figure out how you will handle the payment. Is it free, coin-operated, or will you pay via credit cards? Bear in mind that having a washer and dryer in your condo unit is a major factor and impacts the unit’s resale value down the line. 

Outdoor space

Many people want a comfortable outdoor space, and if you have the same goal, make sure you check what the condo and building have to offer. Does the condo unit offer a patio or balcony? Find out whether there is any restriction on using this space. Can you grill? 

Is there an outdoor area, pool, or dog run? Be sure to consider the convenience of pet ownership when searching for a condo. Luckily, many buildings feature pet runs or even play areas for your four-legged friends, which makes late-night walks that much easier.

The Amenities

It is often challenging to find a condo with easy access to essential amenities, including grilling stations, dog parks, electric car charging stations, etc. Ensure the condo you choose in Sarasota allows for easy access to gyms, concierge services, retail stores, hospitals, etc. 

Close Quarters

Condo owners in a building are close neighbors, meaning you need to ask yourself the following questions and answer them to streamline the buying process. 

  • Will you share walls and hallways with strangers? 

  • Are there any foul odors in the hallway that bother you?

  • Do you notice any nasty notes posted in the common area?

Make sure you think about handling these issues before you move into the condo. When buying a condo in Sarasota, make sure you spend more time near the building to observe the community and see any red flags. 

Are you interested in finding the perfect condominium in Sarasota, Florida? We can help! Contact us today to begin your condo search.

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