7 Tips for Moving to Sarasota, Florida

Dated: July 20 2021

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Sarasota is a beautiful city in Florida, offering a wide range of opportunities to people who want to relocate to the ultimate coastal paradise. 

Before packing your bags and heading to the Sunshine State, here are seven tips for moving to Sarasota, Florida. 

  1. Research Neighborhoods Before 

Learn about the neighborhoods in Sarasota before moving here. We recommend contacting the Chamber of Commerce and asking the administration about providing you a digital copy of the relocation guide. 

The guide includes essential information on Sarasota, including maps, neighborhoods, tips, etc. It also provides information on nearby towns, including Venice, Bradenton, Nokomis, and Osprey. In addition, it contains information on schools, parks, hospitals, recreational areas, arts and culture, real estate, etc. 

Not only will you experience various living styles here, but you will also enjoy the diverse culture. Sarasota’s neighborhoods offer amenities for families, retirees and young people, meaning there truly is something for everyone.

  1. Consider Your Business & Employment

Because Sarasota's economy continues to boom, many people move to here to start businesses. Sarasota has excellent local policies to support existing businesses by providing them with valuable resources. 

Additionally, Sarasota is rich with opportunities and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. These factors support job opportunities and contribute to a thriving local economy perfect for entrepreneurs.

  1. Think About Your Lifestyle

Sarasota is home to some of the world's most pristine beaches and natural environments. You will find classic and modern amenities, especially in the downtown area, including chic shops, art galleries, spas, restaurants, bars, children's playgrounds, and shopping centers with famous brands. 

  1. Boost Your Cultural Side

Sarasota is one of the best places to live and work. The city is an ideal option for retired people who want to live a comfortable life. Sarasota has a small-town feel with a friendly environment and luxuries similar to that of big cities. 

It is a paradise for people of all ages whether they purchase their first home, second, or spend their retirement life in this city. The city features more than five theatre companies and numerous annual music festivals, including the famous symphony orchestra. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy picnics, sunrises, sunsets, and swimming in gentle water on the beach, and take a sunbath on the clean sugar-soft sand. So, Sarasota offers a wide range of outdoor activities to its residents and visitors. 

  1. Gather Details on Transportation 

While Sarasota offers many walkable hubs, if you are moving from a larger city, you will need a car. While exploring on foot is excellent exercise, some areas of Sarasota are spread out. Luckily, with services like Uber and Lift, you may be able to make a commute much easier than before, however we still recommend a vehicle in Sarasota, Florida.

  1. Research Schools

Nothing beats Sarasota when it comes to the education system. The school district has received an "A" grade from Florida's education department due to its serene environment and high-quality education. 

All Sarasota schools are equipped with advanced technology tools, including computers, CCTV cameras, and security equipment to ensure students have a safe learning environment. Besides, schools offer children numerous media, music, and art programs. 

The best colleges and universities nearby Sarasota are the New College of Florida, State College of Florida, and the University of South Florida. Other higher educational institutions include Keiser University, Argosy University, and various other community and technical colleges. 

  1. Know the Crime Rates 

The crime rate in Sarasota is much lower than the national crime rate, making it a safe and secure city in the United States. The law enforcement agencies make substantial efforts to ensure the security of all residents. If you have any doubts, you can explore numerous reports on crime rates in Sarasota before moving to this city. 

Are you considering moving to Sarasota, Florida? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about our community and relocating here.

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