7 Best Tips for Homeowners in Florida During the Summer Months

Dated: July 6 2021

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The summer months in Florida can be grueling and especially hard on our homes.  Homeowners in Florida can avoid any added stress and unforeseen repairs with regular  maintenance checks. 

As the heat dials up, be sure to take some precautionary measures to keep your home in  tip-top condition. Here are our seven best tips for homeowners in Florida during the  summer months. 

1. Inspect Grounds 

Prune plant foliage and tree limbs to ensure they are at least one foot away from your  roof and siding. Grade soil, gravel, and bark to ensure they are 4-6 inches away below  the trim and siding. It is crucial to caulk small cracks in concrete to avoid water, soil, and  vegetative intrusion, leading to reduced concrete deterioration. Besides, we  recommend applying sealer topcoat to asphalt during the summer months to prevent  moisture from seeping in.  

2. Double Check Ventilation 

Look into the crawl space, attic, and basement of your home for signs of moisture,  termites, carpenter ants, rot, and other wood-destroying organisms. Check for roof  leaks if there is moisture in the attic, and check for an improper grade, plumbing leaks,  or clogged drain to avoid any future problems. 

Keep the windows open or run an exhaust fan when bathing, washing clothes, and  cooking to eliminate excessive moisture from the indoor space. Make sure you program  the timers to run the house ventilation fan for at least eight hours a day during the  summer months to maintain indoor air quality.  

3. Check Roof & Exterior  

Remove dust, dirt, and debris from the surface of the roof and clean drains, downspouts  and gutters to keep them open and working properly. Use a stain or preservative to  clean and treat roofs every summer. Moreover, caulk gaps in seams around doors and  windows. Make sure you also caulk gaps around penetrations through the siding.  

Repair or replace damaged or deteriorating ventilation screens to prevent critters in the  crawl space and attic. We recommend repairing broken trim and siding and painting or  staining any untreated wood.  

4. Revisit Your Garage  

A garage is an integral part of any Florida home that requires careful and thorough  maintenance during hot summer months. Inspect the safety sensors and check force  controls on your garage door. Make sure you detach the door from the garage opener  before checking spring tension. If there are any complications, make sure you hire a  professional contractor to inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem. 

5. Recalibrate Electrical & Plumbing Components  

Experts recommend operating test buttons every month during the summer season to  ensure all breakers and outlets function properly. If there are any problems, make sure  you replace defective breakers and outlets.  

Moreover, you must operate carbon monoxide and smoke alarm test buttons to ensure  the alarms function correctly. If the alarm is chirping, replace the batteries. When it  comes to plumbing, inspect sewer pipes, protect the garbage disposal, and change  washing machine hoses.  

6. Maintain Your HVAC System  

Test your HVAC system in the early summer months, i.e. May or June. Turn on the  system when the outside temperatures reach 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If there are any  warranty issues, call your HVAC company immediately.  

Make sure you clean or replace your HVAC air filters every month during hot summer  months to maintain indoor air quality, reduce electricity consumption, and eliminate  microbes from the air.  

7. Driveway Maintenance 

Homeowners in Florida with gravel driveways often find ruts after long, hard rains. It is  up to you to rake out ruts in the driveway to maintain it properly. Remember, paved  driveways are often soft during the hot summer months and may also tend to shift or  slightly move. 

Consequently, large trucks and moving vans can cause depressions and dips in your  driveway. Prevent cracks, fill cracks, avoid salt cementing, and minimize water on your  driveway during the summer. Make sure you also keep it clean and protect the edges.  

Final Words  

Purposefully walk around your property and inspect it during the hot summer months.  The tips and tricks given above can help homeowners in Florida to maintain their  homes. Until next time!

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